Finalisation of the fundraising for NiXEN II fund

NiXEN Partners has just completed the fundraising for its second fund, NiXEN II, from institutional and private investors of Europe and North America, for a total amount of 164 M


NiXEN announces the finalisation of the fundraising for NiXEN II fund which is already deployed in four portfolio companies: Ceva (laboratory specialising in animal health), Vedici (private clinics for medicine, surgery and obstetrics), La Grande Récré (specialist retailer of games and toys) and Babeau-Seguin (builder of single-family detached homes).


Over the past 12 months, NiXEN has provided each of its NiXEN II portfolio companies with additional capital contribution aimed at supporting their development strategy.


NiXEN intends to pursue its investment strategy focused primarily on acquiring majority stakes in companies implementing active build-up strategies.


Moreover, several institutional investors have expressed a strong interest in supporting this investment strategy by co-investing directly into the transactions that will be completed by NiXEN.