Vulcain Ingénierie expands its activity into the pharmaceutical industry

Following the acquisition by NiXEN in 2014 of a majority interest in the company, Vulcain Ingénierie announces its expansion into the pharmaceutical industry through a strategic acquisition.  After two already completed build-ups during the 1st half of 2016, Vulcain Ingénierie pursue its development strategy with the acquisition of Consultys, the French leader in engineering consulting specialized on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Since its creation in 2005, Consultys has experienced an outstanding growth path with an increase of its turnover in the range of 20% per year over the last years, such a growth mostly relying on the accompaniment of leading pharmaceutical...

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Vulcain Ingénierie reinforces its position on the nuclear market

Following the acquisition by NiXEN in 2014 of a majority interest in the company, Vulcain Ingénierie announces two strategic acquisitions to reinforce its position on the nuclear market and to pursue its international growth. Following the opening of several subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Africa, Vulcain Ingénierie pursues its active development strategy, notably internationally, through the acquisition of WDB and of a specialized in nuclear decommissionning engineering UK-based subsidiary of Oxand group. WDB is a French-based engineering company specialized in planning management and control command in the nuclear field. This build-up will extend Vulcain’s service offerings...

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Carré Blanc welcomes a new CEO: Dominique Durand

Dominique Durand, 45 years old, has joined early 2016 as CEO, the specialist retailer of household linen Carré Blanc. He is the successor of Claude Jeantet who became Chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board. Graduated from ESC Saint-Etienne, Dominique Durand started its professional career at Boulanger (household appliances retailer), before joining the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas. Later, he will take the marketing and become General Manager of Zannier group and finally, General Manager of the fashion brand Captain Tortue. These experiences in managing major network groups, and its knowledge of the retailing sector, especially textile, made Dominique Durand a natural...

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NiXEN sells its stakes in Labco

NiXEN annonces the selling of its minority stake in Labco to Cinven NiXEN entered Labco’s capital in 2008 as a part of an investment consortium including notably 3i, alongside the company’s founders and independent biologists, in order to support its development and particularly Labco’s ability to be the consolidator of the diagnostics laboratory market in France and Europe. Labco became a pan-European key player with leadership or co-leadership positions in France, Iberia, Italy and Belgium. More recently the group stepped in the United-Kingdom market, were its development perspectives as a subcontractor for public hospital groups are promising. Since 2008, Labco’s turnover...

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