Aware of the disparities that exist across the world, we are committed to bringing support to the populations the most in need as they strive to improve their daily lives.


This is why, since 2008, we have been supporting the action of Entrepreneurs du Monde. Several members of the team, including Jean-Paul Bernardini, who acts as a member of the Board, contribute to the work undertaken by the non-profit organization.




Entrepreneurs du monde helps populations in situations of great vulnerability in developing countries to enable them to improve their living conditions by supporting their economic initiatives and facilitating their access to energy.

Our job, day-to-day, is to mobilize funds to support projects led by French entrepreneurs. So the decision to use our knowhow to help the organization to fulfil its programs was an easy one to take” said Jean-Paul Bernardini, CEO of NiXEN.

Over and above our involvement in the organisation’s decision’-making bodies and our regular financial support, we contributed in 2010 to the setting up of Microfinance Solidaire, a structure that will enable Entrepreneurs du Monde to collect funds from financial institutions, foundations and private persons, enabling them to enlarge the funding methods available for their programs.


Finally, in 2014 we accompanied the organisation in setting up an Endowment fund.