NiXEN accompanies Ludendo in the acquisition of Hamleys

As a leading investor in Ludendo Group, a leading European specialist in toys and games, NiXEN reinvests significantly for the major acquisition of Hamleys aimed at accelerating Group’s growth in Europe Hamleys provides Ludendo Group – that performs over than € 450M turnover for 2011, with a 300 stores portfolio – a complementary platform to accelerate its international development based on a strong domestic positioning in London coupled with a very promising growth in emerging markets. Founded in 1760, Hamleys - regarded as being the oldest and most famous independent brand in the toys retail industry - reinforces Group’s historic brands such as La Grande Récré and Franz...

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Frédéric Mimoun appointed Director

Frédéric Mimoun appointed Director Frédéric Mimoun began his career with Arthur Andersen in 1998, then joined SG Hambros in 2000 in London in the M&A department and then RBS in 2001 mostly in London and then Paris in the LBO / Corporate Acquisition department. In 2009, he joined NiXEN where he was involved in operations such as La Grande Récré, Babeau-Seguin, Coventya, Well or Descours & Cabaud. In July 2012, he was appointed Director at NiXEN. Frédéric Mimoun is graduated from ESTP (Ecole Supérieure des Travaux...

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Babeau Seguin completes its first external growth

Following its acquisition of a majority interest in Babeau Seguin Group at the end of 2011, NiXEN, together with the Group’s management, announce the completion of the Group’s first external growth Following the acquisition by NiXEN in December 2011 of a majority interest in Babeau-Seguin Group, France’s 5th-ranking constructor of built-to-order single-design detached homes, the Group completes the acquisition of Maisons et Jardins, based in Vichy in east-central France and generating annual sales of around 100 houses, while Babeau Seguin Group generates over 1,500. Active in a local market with a strong potential for consolidation, Maisons et Jardins has a complementary profile...

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NiXEN acquires a controlling interest in Babeau-Seguin Group

NiXEN announces the signature of an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in Babeau-Seguin, the leading builder of single-family detached homes in northeastern France NiXEN signs an LBO to acquire a controlling interest in Babeau-Seguin Group, following friendly discussions that were enabled by NiXEN’s excellent sector knowledge and close ties to the company’s manager and historical shareholders. Babeau-Seguin Group has a diversified product line of single family, affordable and environmentally friendly houses. With an order book of 1,500 homes, the Group doubled its revenues during the 2005-2010 period to nearly €100 M in 2010. In a market driven by structural...

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