NiXEN and weave’s associates have sold the majority stake to the company Onepoint.

NiXEN and weave’s associates have sold the majority stake to the company Onepoint. This operation brings together a major player in the digital transformation of companies and public players, and a consulting firm in augmented strategy®.

Founded in 2001, weave is an augmented strategy consulting firm resulting from a successful hybridization of operational strategy consulting and Design Thinking, Digital and Technology skills. Since the majority stake was acquired by NiXEN in 2014, the revenues have increased on average by 15% per year to reach almost €70 million in 2018. Today, weave gathers more than 400 expert consultants to address complex and strategic challenges, such as the digitalization of the agricultural sector, the open banking revolution, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and smart town planning.


After the finalization of the operation, the One point group , which will acquire 100% of the capital of weave, will bring together 2 300 consultants in Europe, North African, Northern America, Australia and Singapore, for revenues of nearly €300 million.