Acquisition of a majority share in weave group

NiXEN announces the acquisition of a majority share in weave group, an operational strategy consultancy, in partnership with weave’s management team


By mutual agreement, NiXEN is organising the acquisition of a majority shareholding in weave group, based on NiXEN’s strong track record in the sector and a convergence of viewpoints with weave’s management as to the group’s development going forward.


weave works with customers from initial definition of strategy through scoping projects for ventures in new business areas, to the operational implementation. Since weave was founded in 2001 by Didier Rousseau, CEO, joined in 2005 by Eric Delannoy and Alexandre Meyer, the group has developed a strong business-specific expertise in each of its sectors (Banking & Insurance, Industry and Services) and specific, differentiated services offerings for the market (digital, design thinking, innovation, customer satisfaction management, optimisation of human capital, lean management, supply-chain, etc.), combined with a transversal Business Technology.


With over 220 consultants, weave has generated an average annual revenue growth of 10% over the last four years, reaching nearly €40 M in 2013.


On a Management Consulting market with good long-term prospects, weave group has excellent fundamentals, with the following key assets:

  • managers with a real vision, who have implemented a virtuous business model;
  • “strategy to delivery” positioning significantly upstream in project scoping, high-quality customer portfolio and regular repeat business, strongly growing reputation, differentiation on the market, efficient functional organisation;
  • track record of profitable growth;
  • proven capacity to attract and assimilate new teams in personalised paths to excellence.


weave aims to actively pursue its development notably by further organic growth in France by strengthening and/or developing specific sector expertise and/or offering high-potential services, a policy of targeted external growth and international development.

Jean-Paul Bernardini, CEO of NiXEN, says: “I am delighted that we have signed this partnership with weave’s teams. We shall be accompanying them through a key stage in their development, notably by bringing them our expertise in external growth and international development. The outstanding performance posted by the group since it was founded demonstrates the very high quality of the management team and proves that weave has gone for the right strategy”.


Didier Rousseau, the group’s CEO, adds: “I am convinced of the value of partnering NiXEN, because of their capacity to put together an operation that perfectly fits the very specific nature of our business and the development project that we have built together. Our group now has the means ─ notably by drawing new talent and cementing loyalty ─ to speed up its growth, both organically and externally.”


Eric Delannoy, the group’s Vice-President concludes: “The development partnership we have built with NiXEN reflects the values and managerial culture that have been our strength. Our roles and skill sets are a perfect fit that will guarantee our success in the market place.”

Driven by NiXEN, the operation is built around the cabinet’s associates who are investing significantly in the new operation. The group’s historic bank partners and/or its associates are taking part in the operation, having shown a strong interest in working with a group and associates with whom they enjoy a long-standing relationship.



  • weave : Didier Rousseau, Eric Delannoy, Alexandre Meyer, Olivier Reisse, André Morneau, Stéphane Lecordier
  • NiXEN : Jean-Paul Bernardini, Vincent Houlot, Anne-Laure Mougenot


Purchasing Advisors:

  • LEK (strategic audit): Rémy Ossmann, David Danon-Boileau, Stéphane Claquin, Morgane Bouhenic
  • Eight Advisory (accounting and financial audit): Stéphane Vanbergue, Céline Ghiragossian, Salomé Perruchon, Charlotte de Trogoff
  • De Pardieu Brocas Maffei : Corporate and legal audit: Guillaume Touttée, Frédéric Keller, Romain Boyet, Structuring and fiscal audit: Marie-Laure Bruneel, Jérôme Mas, Social audit: Joëlle Muchada, Banking: Yannick Le Gall, Jessica Derocque
  • Marsh (insurance audit): Humbert d’Autichamp, Sophie Tournilhac
  • PwC (ESG / Sustainable Development audit): Sylvain Lambert, Emilie Bobin


Sales and Management Advisors:

FTPA (Legal): Antoine Gautier-Sauvagnac, Coralie Oger, Charles Mouchel


Financement : 

  • BNP Paribas (Coordinator, Arranger and Agent): Guillaume Redaud, Pierre Chatelier, Bruno Hamon
  • LCL (Arranger): Bernard Bullet, Anne-Lise Allard, Xavier Pissavin
  • HSBC France (Co-Arranger): Eric Sylvain, Christine Goudout, Frédérique Combes
  • Reed Smith (Banks Legal advisor): Alexandre Tron