NiXEN, founding member of The Alliance for Global Growth

NiXEN team is pleased to announce the creation of The Alliance for Global Growth, a global network of 10 ambitious mid-market Private Equity firms and the first of its kind to span Europe and North America.

We are proud to be one of the founding members of the first transatlantic GPs Alliance: the Alliance for Global Growth. We are sure that this initiative will create new opportunities for our portfolio companies.” Jean-Paul Bernardini, Managing Partner of NiXEN

Internationalisation is one of the primary growth strategies that the members of the Alliance adopt in order to add value to their portfolios. Through years of experience, they recognise that local knowledge and trusted relationships are a critically important factor in the successful internationalisation of any business. Members and their portfolio companies will therefore significantly benefit from the access to a broad network and international perspective that the Alliance provides.


More specifically, the Alliance For Global Growth will support growth within its members’ portfolio companies during the investment period, and strengthen their relationships with and knowledge of potential international acquirers. Further benefit will derive from shared knowledge, intelligence and best practice.


The current members firms collectively back more than 120 companies across Western Europe and the US. Future plans include establishing relationships with new members in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. A dedicated person will be recruited to manage the day to day business of the Alliance.

Some of the member firms have in fact already been working together for some time. The formation of the Alliance gives a new momentum to those relationships and our collaborative approach to working.” Philippe Taranto, Senior Partner of NiXEN





The Alliance for Global Growth currently includes 10 members drawn from Western Europe and the United States. In addition to NiXEN, the network includes Dunedin a UK firm which targets buyouts of market-leading companies headquartered in the UK, Axcel the Nordic mid-market specialist, Finatem a German private equity Fund focused on the « Mittelstand », Nazca a leading Spanish mid-market and US mid-market investors: Harris Preston & Partners (Austin, Texas), Brentwood Associates (Los Angeles), Stone-Goff Partners (New York), Wincove Capital (Boston, New York) and Silver Oak Services Partners (Chicago).


members alliance for global growth map