NiXEN sells its majority share in CTM Style

NiXEN sells its majority share in CTM Style, French leader in the supply of nightwear to the specialized retail sector


The shareholders of CTM Style are reorganizing their capital and transferring control of the company to Dodo group, a leading European player in the supply of bedding items, with two brands: Dodo and Drouault.


As part of the transaction, under the guidance of UBS, NiXEN is selling the entire part of its shares, the management team at CTM Style retaining part of its shares in the new Dodo-CTM capital, alongside Marc Cerf and Didier Hannaux, both executives with majority shareholdings in the group.


Since NiXEN entered the company’s capital, CTM Style has significantly strengthened its organisation and presence on the market, both in France and internationally, largely as a result of the implementation of a multi-channel strategy including large food superstores, specialized superstores and distance selling.


The business areas of Dodo Group and CTM Style are an excellent fit and the merger will enable the companies to consolidate and accelerate their development.



NiXEN: Philippe Taranto, Johann Le Duigou, Frédéric Mimoun


NiXEN Advisors:

  • UBS Corporate Advisory Group (M&A) : Jérôme Breuneval, Julien Lafarge
  • CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (legal and tax): Laurent Stamm, Jérôme Queyroux, Laurine Lavergne
  • PWC (financial VDD): Philippe Chavanne, Aurélien Guilloux, Matthieu Gobillot
  • Landwell (legal, tax and social VDD): Sylvain Gagneux, Cedric Sapede