Ludendo aquires Loisirs & Création

Ludendo Group keeps on extending its playground through its recent acquisition of Loisirs & Creation


Ludendo Group, a leading player in toys, games and children’s products takes over “Loisirs & Création” that therefore contributes to extend its current footprint. Indeed, the Group enjoyed a flagship stores’ network, namely “La Grande Récré”, “Hamleys” and “Franz Carl Weber” covering over 400 outlets across Europe that represents a €650 M turnover as of 2012 under its umbrella.


“Loisirs & Créations” is one of the leading stores in the “creative leisure” sector for the family.  Located in shopping malls since 1995, it operates 9 stores and generates a turnover of more than € 10 M.

The “Loisirs & Création” acquisition is part of the development strategy of the Group. On this transaction occasion, Ludendo Group will expand its product and services offering for children and family”, said Jean-Michel Grunberg, Chairman and founder of Ludendo Group.


This recent acquisition confirmed the active and ambitious growth strategy conducted by Ludendo Group – gathering on the international side, brands with a strong development potential (“Hamleys”) and in France, stores’ network favoring complementary businesses to the domestic toys industry that therefore contribute to substantial commercial synergies”, declared Pierre Rispoli, Managing Director of NiXEN.