Vulcain Ingénierie expands its activity into the pharmaceutical industry

Following the acquisition by NiXEN in 2014 of a majority interest in the company, Vulcain Ingénierie announces its expansion into the pharmaceutical industry through a strategic acquisition. 


After two already completed build-ups during the 1st half of 2016, Vulcain Ingénierie pursue its development strategy with the acquisition of Consultys, the French leader in engineering consulting specialized on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.


Since its creation in 2005, Consultys has experienced an outstanding growth path with an increase of its turnover in the range of 20% per year over the last years, such a growth mostly relying on the accompaniment of leading pharmaceutical laboratories’ projects, in France and abroad.


This operation enables Vulcain Ingénierie to expand its activity on a business sector sharing similar technical issues, and to confirm its market positioning as a specialist. Thanks to this 3rd operation and an intense organic growth, Vulcain will have doubled its size during the last 24 months.

Since 2014, with the support of NiXEN, Vulcain has reinforced its position in the energy sector and notably in the nuclear industry, bringing competences and specialist consultants into the biggest industrial projects of this industry. Such a tie-up with Consultys is a new step in our development and provides Vulcain with the opportunity to sustain its future growth via a new sectorial expertise” explain Alban Guilloteau and Frédéric Grard, Managing Directors of Vulcain Ingénierie.

The development plan of the new whole relies on the intensification of its presence alongside its top clients, particularly in France and Belgium, and on the continuation of the international development started over the last years by both companies.

Beyond the business relevance of this 3rd operation for Vulcain in 2016, this acquisition brings closer two companies sharing the same organic growth levers: reinforcement of their presence alongside existing top clients, areas of expertise expansion and international development”, said Jean-Paul Bernardini, CEO of NiXEN.

In the course of this build-up, Vulcain has decided to adjust its financing structure, in order to better handle strong growth prospects, by the setup of a unirate debt structured by Idinvest teams.

The acquisition of Consultys has offered the opportunity to build with Idinvest, Vulcain mezzanine lender since 2014, a solution to increase its financing capabilities, in a context where numerous external growth opportunities remain open to the Group” added Johann Le Duigou, Partner of NiXEN.



  • NiXEN Partners: Jean-Paul Bernardini, Johann Le Duigou, Laurent Brossaud-Monty
  • Initiative & Finance: Matthieu Douchet, François Golfier
  • Vulcain Ingénierie: Alban Guilloteau, Frédéric Grard, Bertrand de Belmont
  • Consultys: Florent Jean, Philippe Hoernel, Pierre Gourion
  • Idinvest Partners: François Lacoste, Nicolas Nedelec, Valérie Ducourty, Olivier Sesboüé, Sorian Abouz
  • Goodwin (Corporate, Financing): Thomas Maitrejean, Adrien Paturaud, Thomas Dupont-Sentilles, Hind Badreddine
  • LEK (Strategy Due Diligence): David Danon-Boileau, Arnaud Sergent, Ahmed Kadri, Philippe Gorge
  • KPMG (Accounting & Financial Due Diligence): Olivier Boumendil, Antoine Bernabeu, Pierre Ekel, François Magni, Isabelle Donis, Daniel Halbron
  • STC Partners (Tax Structuring, Legal, Tax & Social Due Diligence): Bertrand Araud
  • Marsh (Insurances Due Diligence): Jean-Marie Dargaignaratz
  • Ixa Avocats (Seller Lawyer): Sylvain Lagneaux, Nacera Djaafar
  • Paul Hastings (Financing Lawyer): Mounir Letayf, Adeline Tieu-Roboam, Aladin Zeghbib
  • Kerius Finance (Hedging Strategy): Sébastien Rouzaire