Ludendo / La Grande RécréSpecialist retailer of games and toys

Founded in 1977, Ludendo Group has become the French leader in the game and toy retailing sector via its flagship brand La Grande Récré.

Investment dates: 2010, 2012

2016 turnover: €413 M

Vehicules: NiXEN I and NiXEN II

Type of operation: OBO

Dedicated team: Pierre Rispoli,

NiXEN has been working with the group since 2010 in both organic and external growth projects. The development project is based notably on build-up operations several of which have already been completed, and the development of retail channels better geared to the development of consumer patterns.


Acquisitions since 2010 include: Hamleys (2012), Avenue des Jeux (Web site, 2013), Loisirs & Création and Poly (2013).
Ludendo / La Grande Récré
NiXEN was strongly involved in our external growth initiatives, notably internationally and during the acquisition of Hamleys
Jean-Michel Grunberg,
CEO of Ludendo