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We select co-investment project alongside reputable local and international funds with guaranteed investment in the selected investment opportunities in order to secure the best projects.


To achieve this, we offer two solutions :

  • A co-investment fund that invests 1 to 2M€ per deal in 10 to 15 projects to allow the LP to diversify their portfolio. 

  • Dedicated single-asset vehicles from 4 to 10M€* to enable investors to cherry-pick and overallocate to certain assets in their portfolios. 

We monitor the investment from initial to exit, with semi-annual reports and a high-quality back-office.

*To avoid any potential conflict of interest when investing in a dedicated vehicle, a minimum ticket of 1 million euros is systematically allocated to the co-investment fund.

Investment ticket from

1 to 10M€

Minority co-investor in majority operations or in minority operations with defined liquidity

Investments are financially guaranteed for each transaction

Focus on SMEs/ETIs with the following characteristics :

  • Turnover greater than 15M€

  • Quality assets with a track record of profitable growth

  • Strong long-term fundamentals

  • Consolidation potential for fragmented sectors in France and internationally

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