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HT Médica

Radiology and diagnostic imaging services

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Investment date : 2024

Vehicle : NiXEN CO INVEST 6

Operation type : LBO

HT Médica is one of the leading operators in Spain in the provision of radiology and diagnostic imaging services. The company has 20 diagnostic imaging centres and 2 laboratory centres throughout Andalucía, Castilla La Mancha, Asturias and Madrid.


Its services portfolio includes MRI, CT, ultrasound, RX and laboratory services. HT Médica has an excellent reputation for quality and a solid track record of clinical leadership.

NiXEN has decided to participate in this LBO as a co-investor alongside Fremman to support the management team in the next stages of the company's development.

"We are very excited about this next stage of growth together with Fremman as our new partner. In partnering with Fremman we see an incredible opportunity to continue with and expand our reach and further elevate the quality standards of diagnostic imaging across Spain, while preserving our vision of providing the best medical services to our patients, referrals and public/private customers. Fremman has an extensive and solid track record in expanding and implementing technology into the operations. We are excited about the prospects that this partnership holds for the future.”

Dr. Antonio Luna, CEO of HT Médica and Medical Director
(Source: Fremman)

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