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Organization and information systems consulting

Logo Magellan Partners.

Investment date : 2023

Vehicle : NiXEN 4 MAG

Operation type : LBO

Magellan Partners is an Organization and Information Systems Consulting Group rooted in Technology and Data.

With over 1,900 consultants and sales of almost 243 million euros by 2022, the Group is one of the leaders in digital transformation for businesses in France. Magellan Partners defines operational strategies, supports business strategies, pilots project execution, and implements innovative technological solutions to support its customers.

The acquisition of Adone, a business consulting firm supporting major players in the luxury goods industry, enables Magellan to broaden its sector positioning by addressing new strategic business sectors.

NiXEN has decided to participate in this build-up operation as a co-investor alongside CAPZA, which is increasing its stake in Magellan Partners in order to support the management team in the next stages of the company's development.

“I am very happy that Adone Conseil has decided to join forces with Magellan Partners. We share the same vision, the same understanding of the challenges of digital transformation and the same culture of excellence.”

Didier Zeitoun, President of the Magellan Partners group
(Source: Magellan Partners, press release of April 6, 2023)

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