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Pharmaceutical subcontractor

Logo Unither.

Investment date : 2022

Vehicle : NiXEN 3 UNI

Operation type : LBO

Spin-off from Sanofi in 1993, Unither is a subcontractor to the pharmaceutical industry ("CDMO") specializing in the production and development of complex sterile liquid products for medical purposes.


In particular, the company is the world leader in blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology, which uses sterile unit doses to eliminate the need for preservatives. To best serve its customers, Unither has eight production sites in France, the United States, China and Brazil, and a dedicated R&D center in Europe.

NiXEN has decided to participate in this LBO as a co-investor alongside Keensight Capital, which is increasing its stake in Unither to support the management team in the next stages of the company's international development.

"With the arrival of GIC and IK, and the support of our historical associates, Keensight and Parquest, we will pursue our long-term strategy, continuing to satisfy our customers and leveraging our global presence."


Éric Goupil, Executive Chairman of Unither Pharmaceuticals
(Source: Unither, press release dated October 26, 2022)

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