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Construction of individual houses in the retail sector

Logo Babeau-Seguin.

Exit date : 2017

Vehicle : NiXEN II

Operation type : LBO

Founded in 1982, the Babeau-Seguin group has become one of France's leading builders of single-family homes, with a particularly strong presence in northeastern France.

NiXEN has supported the Group's development projects, notably by implementing a build-up strategy with the acquisition of Styl'Habitat, P&M and Vesta in 2013, and Maisons et Jardins in 2012. This strategy was pursued in 2015 with the announcement of the acquisition of Elysées Océan during the summer.

NiXEN has also supported the Group's digital transformation process.

“NiXEN has allowed us, for 4 years, to successfully carry out our sector consolidation strategy.”

Bruno Babeau,
President of Babeau-Seguin

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